On the ceremony of inaugurating the Bank of Albania Research Centre in Berat

Publication date: 10.02.2010


In the framework of intensifying the scientific work and public education and organizing activities of special importance, the Bank of Albania finalized its initiative to establish a modern research centre in Berat. On this occasion, on 10 February, 2010, the Bank of Albania inaugurated the centre. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports, local government, commercial banks operating in Berat, as well as by architects, historians and many other guests.

This centre embodies all the characteristic architecture of the "Mangalem" street, reflecting the concrete and tangible contribution of the Bank of Albania to maintaining and promoting the historical values of this ancient city.

According to the Governor of the Bank of Albania, this centre will affect, inter alia, the economic and social revival of the city.

In his address, the Governor said, "I will do my utmost to turn this centre into a regional centre, whose frequenters would be our colleagues from the region and beyond. I am convinced that the establishment of this research centre will give impetus to the scientific work of the Bank of Albania.

Also, the Governor Fullani held a meeting with high school pupils and teachers of Berat, where he stated: "Soon the implementation of a new project, the education through our website or otherwise known as online education will commence'. Through the website we will bring about educational platforms on the central bank, on the economy and personal finances, not only for pupils but also for their teachers.

These kinds of meetings show the commitment of the Bank of Albania to a better communication with the public, in order to make it aware of the Bank of Albania's role in preserving the country's macroeconomic stability and its willingness to take appropriate actions.

Availing of the opportunity, in a spontaneous stop in the town of Lushnja, the Governor conducted visits to the Branch of the National Commercial Bank, Tirana Bank and Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania of this city.

During these visits the Governor held free discussions with the staff and casual clients of these banks. The focus of this conversation was the interest of the Bank of Albania in better understanding the economic and financial developments of Lushnja district, deposit performance, customer service, lending, particularly to the agricultural sector. Special interest was shown to opinions and suggestions made by clients, who made available suggestions in the spirit of good understanding. Mr. Fullani stated that he welcomes every remark and that the banking business should be jointly adjusted in order to precede the country's financial and economic developments. In this sense, there is further room for adding the range of banking products, improving services and particularly for cutting customer service costs. This would lead to reduction of the overall financial intermediation cost.

Also, these meetings serve to directly collect ideas, the public opinion and assessments on the economy and financial system performance, thus becoming part of the dialogue for finding ways and optimal solutions to minimize the negative effects that the international economy transmits to our country.