The Deputy Governor of the Sveriges Riksbank, Mr. Lars Nyberg visits the Bank of Albania

Publication date: 15.09.2010


At the invitation of the Governor of the Bank of Albania, Mr. Ardian Fullani, the Deputy Governor of the Sveriges Riksbank, Mr. Lars Nyberg held an official visit at the Bank of Albania on 14-15 September 2010.

The discussions with regard to the economic developments were at the focus of this meeting. Governor Fullani introduced to Mr. Nyberg the performance of the Albanian economy and particularly of the banking system. The Governor presented the measures undertaken by the Bank of Albania for a prudential supervision of the banking system, and made an expose of the monetary policy frame in Albania. Also, Governor Fullani highlighted the policies implemented by the Bank of Albania to maintaining price stability.

Mr. Nyberg expressed his thankfulness to Governor Fullani for the invitation. This is the second official visit of Mr. Nyberg in Albania. The initiative undertaken by the Bank of Albania, a few years ago, on enhancing the dialogue between the regional central banks and the European Central Bank, also enjoyed the support of the Sveriges Riksbank. Such an initiative has assisted these banks in their way towards the membership in the European System of Central Banks (ESCB). Also, Sveriges Riksbank has provided technical assistance to the Bank of Albania in the frame of approximation process with ESCB.