The Governor of the Bank of Albania, Mr.Shkëlqim Cani, meets with representatives of business community, second-tier banks, civil society and media in Vlora

Publication date: 13.05.2004


The Governor of the Bank of Albania, Mr.Shkëlqim Cani, met today with representatives of business community, second-tier banks, civil society and media representatives in Vlora. The meeting focused on "Beyond cash" program, undertaken by the Bank of Albania, a program which aims at new actions and incentives in reducing cash in economy and channeling transactions into the banking system.

In his speech, Mr. Cani made an outline of the Bank's program, operational platform; underlining positive impacts this is expected to bear on economy and people. Therefore, a good co- operation is required by decision-making authorities, banks, businesses, tax and fiscal entities. The role of the banking system in the campaign is most indispensable in spreading banking infrastructure, augmenting products and services and proving an effective co-operation with businesses. The implementation of AECH - intended to finish by 2005 - will give an impetus to all these services.

On the other side, business is regarded as a major party in such an undertaking. A well-aware business will always bring forth the benefits offered by a banking system, the efficiency of its support, the higher reputation it gives to a business being a credible client in a bank, the security it gains from a strong, long-term relationship it has with a commercial bank. The business should apprehend that the only way to benefit from banking services - especially crediting - is through a bank account.

Meanwhile, the support offered by civil society and media will certify the development of the entire program and make it successful. This not because the public confidence in banks relies on media and civil society, but because the willingness and understanding about any new developments are so much dependent on the consideration and attitude the public takes in it.

Governor Cani emphasized the role to be played by the local community of Vlora prefecture, which is distinguished for its significant business potential relying on banking infrastructure, and aiming at an intensive and extensive sphere. At present, there are about 8 branches of second-tier banks operating in the city. Vlora is characterized by an open business community that gives its willingness on financial transactions carried out through the banking system.

The business representatives brought forth their concerns about: housing crediting, extension of taxpayers area implying thhus more banking transactions; payment of bills without VAT for the small business; establishment of adequate legal and banking infrastructure for e-banking; use of debit and credit cards, etc.
In addition, banks' representatives expressed their concern about the direct intervention of taxation entities in the clients' accounts, considering this a potential factor in driving away clients. They promised a more efficient bank marketing that will enhance banking system credibility.

Some of the efforts in this respect are the variety of products and services that branches of second-tier banks in this city are providing. Worth mentioning are: establishment of a Procredit cashpoint, transfer of salaries into bank accounts for employees of public agencies, such as Water-supply, Port, some private agencies, the overdraft facility up to one-month pay, etc.

Today, the Governor will proceed his meetings in Saranda and next day in Gjirokastra.