The final phase of the competition, ''The Real Value of Money!'' took place among high schools in Shkodra district, 9 April 2009

Publication date: 10.04.2009


The Bank of Albania, under the implementation of the educational program 'The Central Bank in Everyday Life', organised the competition 'The Real Value of Money!' dedicated to students of Shkodra district, attending their third year of high school. This challenge is one of the activities encompassed in the Memorandum of Collaboration, concluded between the Ministry of Education & Science and the Bank of Albania, signed on December 13, 2007. This competition aims to expand the students' knowledge on the role of the central bank in the country economy and to increase the development of the country's economical culture.

16 high schools of Shkodra district participated in this competition, which took place in 'Migjeni' theatre. Students, teachers, representative of Shkodra Education Department and relatives of participants attended this outstanding event.

konkursi ne shkoder 2

Governor Fullani, in his speech addressed to the attendees, amongst other made public the decision of the Bank of Albania to turn this race among high schools from regional to an international meeting. 'One year ago, on April 2008 this competition marked its starting point in Tirana city. At that time, I promised to the students that this competition will be developed at a national level in a relatively short time. The opportunity to live this interesting experience in their lives shall be provided to all students in Albania, and give us in turn a special pleasure. Today I find myself in front of you with this promise accomplished!'.

konkursi ne shkoder

The Governor developed also an interesting discussion with the students that were present in the hall of the theatre, by answering to their many questions.

The winning team of this long competition in Shkodra, the high school '28 Nëntori' shall participate in the final phase, which will be held at national ground on June 5, 2009 in Tirana.

The Governor of the Bank of Albania, Mr. Ardian Fullani, with the attribute of the Chairman of the Jury, congratulated the students, the teachers of the participating schools as well as the Shkodra Education Department for the support provided on the successful achievement of this program.