The final phase of the competition, ''The Real Value of Money!'', was run among the high

Publication date: 08.05.2009


'The Real Value of Money!' challenge took place among students attending the third year of high - school, today in Gjirokostra. This competition is an initiative of the Bank of Albania aiming the young people to learn and deepen their knowledge about the Central Bank and its monetary policy, through an entertaining way. This event, firstly was run during the academic year 2007 -2008, this year was developed in 5 districts of the country.

7 high-schools participated in Gjirokastra competition, and 'Siri Shapllo' high-school is the winner of this event. The competition took place in the hall of 'Zihni Sako' theatre of the city, and was attended by students, teachers, and representatives from the Education Department of the district as well as relatives of participants.

Answering to the interest of all those present in that hall, Mr. Fullani, Governor of the Bank of Albania, explained the importance of the public educational programs, being designed and implemented by the Bank of Albania, during these four recent years.

By underscoring particularly the need of the economic and financial education of public for the development of a country economy and the growth of its citizens' welfare, the Governor amongst other stated that:

'As much knowledge the public acquires, the higher shall be its demand for products and services. The incrase of the public demand shall urge the financial institutions to improve and expand their services, create and introduce new products in the market and search for new instruments to realise them. The financial institutions on their side, as much as they become sophisticated, enlarged and increased, the more they encourage public to learn about the services and products they supply. This entire connection works based on the principle of the communicating vessels developed to incrase the level of different directions of the same object'.