10000 lekë


ALB 10000 R CMJN 300
ALB 10000 V CMJN 300



Size 160 mm x 72 mm
Main colour Red
Date of issuance 30 June 2021

Portrait of Asdreni positioned on the left.

Text:  “BANKA E SHQIPËRISË”, “DHJETË MIJË LEKË”; “ASDRENI (Aleksandër Stavre Drenova) 1872 – 1947”

Reverse Figurative symbols of national flag, verse from the national anthem: “Rreth flamurit të përbashkuar me një dëshir’ e një qëllim”.


Security features

New series of lek banknotes are issued time and again to keep them safe at all times.  The technology for the production of banknotes advances continuously and counterfeiters try getting hold of it.   The new series of the Albanian banknotes contains new and more sophisticated security features.   

Some of these features are shown on this page.  For more details, visit security features, where you can learn how to check all the elements through the method: FEEL, LOOK and TILT.