The Financial Stability Advisory Group

The Financial Stability Advisory Group (FSAG) is established pursuant to Article 30 of Law No 9572, dated 03.07.2006 “On the Financial Supervisory Authority”. The members of the FSAG are the Minister of Finance (who chairs the FSAG meeting), the Governor of the Bank of Albania and the Chairperson of the Financial Supervisory Authority Board. Upon the invitation of the FSAG, other persons may attend its meetings.   

The FSAG is an advisory body, which, according to Article 30 (3) of Law No 9572/2006, “assists in safeguarding, the stability and the development of financial markets in the Republic of Albania”.  

In March 2014, members of the FSAG and the Director General of the Deposit Insurance Agency, approved amendments to the Memorandum of Understanding (of February 2012), in order to better focus and support the work of the FSAG on financial stability matters. In this regard, the work of the FSAG will be focusing on the prevention and the management of systemic risks to the financial system.  


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