Macro-prudential strategy

The macro-prudential policy is dedicated to the systemic risk analysis and assessment, and includes the implementation of measures, mainly prudential measures, for its mitigation. The macro-prudential policy contributes to safeguarding financial stability in two aspects: a) preventing the accumulation of risks in the financial system and b) strengthening the resilience of the financial system.

The main objective of the macro-prudential policy strategy is to offer an overall operational framework for the implementation of the macro-prudential policy. This strategy aims to:

a) link the final objective of the macro-prudential policy with the intermediate objectives and the macro-prudential instruments;

b) establish a core framework for the implementation of macro-prudential instruments, including the indicators that follow the performance of systemic risk, to orient decisions related with the implementation, deactivation or calibration of the macro-prudential instruments over time;

c) explain the decision-making at the Bank of Albania, inter-institutional and public communication processes in the Bank of Albania on the macro-prudential policy.