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Front matter PDF
I. Introduction Matthias Morys PDF
II. Austria-Hungary: from 1863 to 1914 Clemens Jobst and Thomas Scheiber PDF XLSX
III. Greece: from 1833 to 1949 Sophia Lazaretou PDF XLSX
IV. Ottoman Empire: from 1830 to 1914 Ali Coşkun Tunçer and Şevket Pamuk PDF XLSX
V. Bulgaria: from 1879 to 1947 Kalina Dimitrova and Martin Ivanov PDF XLSX
VI. Romania: from 1880 to 1947 George Virgil Stoenescu, Coordinator, and Adriana Aloman, Elisabeta Blejan, Brinduşa Graţiela Costache PDF XLSX
VII. Serbia/Yugoslavia: from 1884 to 1940 Branko Hinić, Ljiljana Đurđević and Milan Šojić PDF XLSX
VIII. Arta Pisha, Besa Vorpsi and Neraida Hoxhaj Arta Pisha, Besa Vorpsi and Neraida Hoxhaj PDF XLSX
XI. Turkey: from 1923 to 1947 Yüksel Görmez and Serkan Yiğit PDF XLSX
Notes on Contributors PDF

The SEEMHN data volume has been compiled by the central banks of Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Austria.


 - Overview of Available Time Series

A complete dataset is presented for each country, covering six broad groups of indicators: (1) monetary variables, (2) interest rates, (3) exchange rates, (4) government finances, (5) prices, production and labor, and (6) national accounts and population.

 - Eight Similarly Structured Country Chapters

Each chapter consists of four parts: (1) major monetary events, including a short account of the respective country’s institutional framework for monetary policy implementation; (2) a detailed description and defintion of the published variables; (3) a detailed discussion of the primary and secondary data sources used in the data collection process; and (4) the historical data series per country.

 - Index Table

At the beginning of each country chapter, an index table provides information on the list of variables presented, the time span covered, the reporting frequency, the applicable unit of account and the codes assigned to the variables. The reader can use the index table as a roadmap for safe data search. Moreover, the index table is replicated in each country data file and makes it easy to quickly navigate to the required annual and monthly time series.

 - Recommended Citation

South-Eastern European Monetary and Economic Statistics from the Nineteenth Century to World War II, published by: Bank of Greece, Bulgarian National Bank, National Bank of Romania, Oesterreichische Nationalbank, 2014, Athens, Sofia, Bucharest, Vienna.


© Bank of Greece, Bulgarian National Bank, National Bank of Romania, Oesterreichische Nationalbank, 2014. All rights reserved. Reproduction for non-commercial, educational and scientific purposes is permitted provided that the source is acknowledged.