Book a visit at the Museum of the Bank of Albania


The museum is located inside the headquarters of the Bank of Albania. in "Skenderbej" square no. 1. Tirana. The entrance to the building is from the side of “Ibrahim Rugova” street  

Everyone can visit the Museum of the Bank of Albania with Albanian and English guideson schedules: 09:00; 11:00; 14:00 on days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

How to visit the Museum of the Bank of Albania

•    Admission to the Museum is free.
•    Entry into the Bank is done with an identification document.
•    It is forbidden to enter with cameras, mobile phones, as well as other devices that can be used for photographing or storing images, recording voices or data of any kind.


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  • Funksionet e parasë
  • Simbolika e monedhave dhe kartëmonedhave shqiptare dhe kuriozitete numizmatike
  • Banka e Shqipërisë: historia, struktura dhe procesi i vendimmarrjes
  • Banka e Shqipërisë: Roli dhe Funksionet
  • Produktet dhe shërbimet bankare
  • Roli i Bankës së Shqipërisë në ekonomi dhe politika monetare e ndjekur prej saj
  • Roli i Bankës së Shqipërisë në mbikëqyrjen e sistemit bankar shqiptar

The Museum of the Bank of Albania enables presentations for students, high school students and students (maximum 30 people). The topics addressed are related to various issues of central banking and financial education. The presentations are also accompanied by a question-and-answer session and last about an hour.


The Bank of Albania
Museum Office
“Skënderbej” square, no.1, Tirana, Albania
Tel: + 355 4 22419301/02/03; 22419409/10/11 ext. 304/306
or to the address: [email protected]