Educational videos

Protect yourself from fraud in online payments! (The video is Albanian only)

The video is a short and simple guide with key tips and practical steps to protect your financial information from fraud and other online risks.

Protect yourself from fraud in online payments!

How to navigate the internet safely (The video is Albanian only)

This educational video contains easy and clear advice for children on recognizing and avoiding the dangers they may face when surfing the Internet and the importance of keeping personal information safe, avoiding suspicious messages and sites.


Understanding the concepts of perfect competition, monopoly and oligopoly and four conditions of perfect competition that rarely exist in reality. From there, get acquainted with the consequences of these different market structures for consumers (particularly with regard to price, quality, innovation).

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Understand the financial crisis. The film starts with the presentation of a bank balance sheet. It evokes the specificity of the financial sphere, connected to the whole economy and the whole country. Blocking interbank relations, the drying up of the credit channel, the domino effect, the phenomenon of confidence loss and the impact on the real economy are illustrated. Finally, the role of regulators in the prevention and resolution of crises is explained.

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Understanding the mechanisms of the labor market. The film evokes the supply of workers and business demand, the concepts of labor force, full employment, unemployment, wages and social security, innovation, competitiveness and poverty. It then presents the tools available to the State to regulate the labor market through three types of strategy respectively on the level of wages, the payroll and training.

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Understand the principle of the circular flow. The film shows, through various examples, how economic transactions took place: spending, production, distribution of income from the production, expenditure etc.

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Better understand the concept of growth. The film shows, through various examples, the concepts of added value (business, government), GDP, nominal and real growth. Then, it deals with the remuneration of stakeholders in this added value (wages, interest, dividends, taxes) and expenses from the income of these stakeholders (consumption, private and public investment).

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