Technical seminar

Date Speaker Topic
24.12.2020 (Online) Gerti Shijaku (Research Department, Bank of Albania)  Using empirical model approach to forecasting the short-term and long-term need for operational market liquidity in the Albanian financial sector


Date Speaker Topic
18.09.2019 Gerti Shijaku (Research Department, Bank of Albania)  Trusting the bankers. Analysing banks' opinions on the demand and supply drivers of credit channel using Bank Lending Survey data in the case of Albania


Date Speaker Topic
16.01.2018 Altin Tanku Exchange rate changes and money demand in Albania
25.04.2018 Bledar Hoda Bitcoin, Technological Innovations and Central Banking
18.05.2018 Ilir Vika; Meri Papavangjeli A forecasting VAR model for the Albanian economy
25.05.2018 Ola Çami Domestic Product Demand: An application of the QUIADS model with micro data
01.06.2018 Gerti Shijaku What Drives Bank Prudential Behaviour? A statistical Evaluation Based on the Principal Component Analysis
08.06.2018 Meri Papavangjeli Introduction to Bayesian estimation and BEAR Toolbox
22.06.2018 Bledar Hoda Interpolating Missing Observations
with SS equations
02.10.2018 Bledar Hoda Implications of QE policies of ECB on Albanian economy
15.11.2018 Orion Garo Wage differentials as an outturn of sector of employment, formal education level and occupational classification in Albania
19.11.2018 Gerti Shijaku Bank prudential behaviour – A statistical analysis based on the pricipal component approach

Date Speaker Topic
16.02.2017 Altin Tanku, Kliti Ceca Has the crisis changed the monetary transmission mechanism in Albania? An application of kernel density estimation technique
02.03.2017 Ola Çami The impact of economic crisis on self-employment quality in the US
19.07.2017 Gerti Shijaku Does Bank Competition affect Stability in Banking System After Global Financial Crises
18.10.2017 Meri Papavangjeli Assessing wage and price flexibility in Albania
20.10.2017 Margerita Topalli The impact of corruption on firm performance in CEE

Date Speaker Topic
03.06.2016 Arlind Rama, Meri Papavangjeli Matlab and Iris for modelling purposes

Date Speaker Topic
23.02.2015 Margerita Topalli, Alban Pllaha, Endrit Yzeiraj An introduction to behavioral economics
05.03.2015 Enian Çela SAM tables of Albania: Structure and multipliers
11.03.2015 Lorena Skufi A fiscal rule in the macroeconomic model MEAM
26.03.2015 Esida Abazaj Interest rate pass-through in Albania
19.06.2015 Meri Papavangjeli Micro and macroeconomic determinants of banking margin in Albania (2000-2014)
04.09.2015 Altin Tanku, Alban Pllaha, Endrit Yzeiraj, Margerita Topalli Welcome to organizational behavior
07.10.2015 Enian Çela Trade by major economic categories
14.10.2015 Endrit Yzeiraj Financial system development and economic growth

Date Speaker Topic
13.06.2014 Enian Çela New statistics on national accounts 2008-2012
17.07.2014 Gerti Shijaku Fiscal Policy, output and financial stress in the case of developing and emerging European economies: a threshold VAR approach
10.10.2014 Meri Papavangjeli Introduction to YADA
18.11.2014 Endrit Yzeiraj Transmission of monetary policy over the last two years, how complete was it? Problems, possible solutions

Date Speaker Topic
11.01.2013 Margerita Topalli Ethics in scientific research
01.02.2013 Enian Çela Input-output Analysis
18.02.2013 Altin Tanku Panel Unit Root Testing
12.06.2013 Endrit Yzeiraj Limited Dependent Variable Models
27.06.2013 Lindita Vrioni The Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP)
05.07.2013 Gerti Shijaku The probability of sudden stop of capital flows: the case of Albania
12.07.2013 Bledar Hoda The Impact of Nominal Shocks on Economic Fluctuations
28.10.2013 Gerti Shijaku Foreign Currency Lending in Albania

Date Speaker Topic
06.09.2012 Bledar Hoda News and the Bubbles
21.09.2012 Enkela Gaçaj Albanian Household Budget in 2006-2007
01.10.2012 Endrit Yzeiraj NGDP and Price Level Targeting
20.12.2012 Arlind Rama Microfinance in Albania, analysis of a growing trend