Research and Training Centre in Berat

"...We have adhered to the architectural values of Manghalem museum vicinage, believing that the architectonic quality and originality are irreplaceable values, which make the city of Berat an important part of the country's cultural heritage ..."
Ardian Fullani, 
Excerpt from speech held at the ceremony for the inauguration of Bank of Albania's Research Centre in Berat


In the framework of intensifying the scientific work and public education, and organising activities of special importance, in February 2010, the Bank of Albania finalised its initiative to establish a modern research centre in Berat .

This centre embodies all the characteristic architecture of the "Mangalem" street, reflecting the concrete and tangible contribution of the Bank of Albania to preserving and promoting the historical values of this ancient city.

According to the Governor of the Bank of Albania, this centre will, among others, affect the economic and social revival of the city.