Bank of Albania Supervisory Council

The Supervisory Council is the highest decision-making and supervisory body of the Bank of Albania. It is responsible for fomulating the monetary policy and approving guidelines for its implementation. The Supervisory Council decides on the management policies, and determines the method and procedures for the operational activity of the Bank of Albania, ensuring adequate management and public accountability for its actions, engagement and results.

The Supervisory Council is chaired by the Governor and is composed of nine members, as follows:

  • Governor - Chair
  • First Deputy Governor - Vice Chair
  • Second Deputy Governor
  • Six other members

 All the members of the Supervisory Council are selected and appointed by the Assembly of the Republic of Albania for a seven-year term, with the right to re-election. They are proposed by:

  • The Assembly - five members
  • Council of Ministers - three members
  • Supervisory Council - one member

Incumbent SC members: