In the context of improving the infrastructure and technological standards, on 26 October 2012, the Bank of Albania held a ceremony to inaugurate the new Currency Issue Centre. 

The Currency Issue Centre is built in the spirit of modern architecture, with two striking circular ends that symbolise the coin. 

This centre has the best infrastructure and is equipped with modern technological systems that will be used for money processing.  

Using the facilities provided by the new building, this process will be carried out through high-speed automated systems, guaranteeing swift checking of the currency as regards its authenticity, physical condition and security.

The new Issue Centre will also include a modern laboratory, which will be part of the National Centre for Analysis. Through this laboratory, the latter may carry out professional expertise, analysing in detail technical characteristics and elements of suspected counterfeit banknotes and coins. This contemporary laboratory will not only contribute to strengthening fight against counterfeiting and improving the security of the Albanian currency, but it will also meet one of Albania's commitments in the context of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement.