Deposit Interest Rates

Bank Abbreviation Last update
Alpha Bank Albania AB July 2020
American Bank of Investment (Albania) ABI July 2020
Credins Bank CB July 2020
First Investment Bank Albania FIB July 2020
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank of Albania ISB July 2020
National Commercial Bank NCB July 2020
OTP Bank Albania OTP July 2020
Procredit Bank PCB July 2020
Raiffeisen Bank RB July 2020
Tirana Bank TB July 2020
Union Bank UB July 2020
United Bank of Albania UBA July 2020

Deposits for individuals - ALL

Current account0. 0.000.01
Salary account0. 0.00
Demand Deposit
1-month DEPOSITS            
1-month DEPOSITS (at minimum amount) 0.100.07 0.010.10 0.30
1-month DEPOSITS (at maximum amount)0.200.300.400.16 0.300.07
3-month DEPOSITS            
3-month DEPOSITS (at minimum amount)0.200.300.200.100.300.100.35
3-month DEPOSITS (at maximum amount)0.300.400.600.250.300.300.35
6-month DEPOSITS            
6-month DEPOSITS (at minimum amount)0.400.400.400.100.400.100.50
6-month DEPOSITS (at maximum amount)0.450.500.800.250.400.300.50 0.010.400.600.80
12-month Deposits            
12-month DEPOSITS (at minimum amount)0.500.800.600.100.750.200.701.200.010.400.801.30
12-month DEPOSITS (at maximum amount)0.601.001.001.300.750.400.701.200.010.600.901.30
24-month DEPOSITS            
24-month Deposits (at minimum amount )0.801. 1.60
24-month DEPOSITS (at maximum amount )0.901.301.601.751.
36-month DEPOSITS            
36-month DEPOSITS (at minimum amount)  1.50 1.400.851. 2.30
36-month DEPOSITS (at maximum amount)  2.30 1.401.301.
60-month DEPOSITS  2.832.502.50 2.45 0.013.504.003.20