Borrower's Report

The borrower’s report is a document generated by the Credit Registry with information on the credit history for each borrower. Both citizens and registered companies may apply to be provided with this report.

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The Bank of Albania is the only authority that can issue an official document for the Borrower's Report. The borrower's report is issued in accordance with the written request submitted to the Bank of Albania.

! The data reported to the Credit Registry stay up to five years after the loan repayment or its write off from the balance sheet of the bank granting the loan.

How to apply for the Borrower's Report

Data Revision in the Credit Registry

In cases when the borrowers have objections regarding the data reported for them in the Credit Registry, they will fill out and submit an application form. The request for data revision will be considered as accepted by the Bank of Albania when the same identification documents, as in the case of the Report are submitted.

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