Regulation 29/2022 “On strong customer authentication and common, open and secure standards of communication”

Type: Rules
Number: 29
Date: 01.06.2022
Enter into force: 01.01.2024
Published in: Official Journal
on: 10.06.2022
Category: Supervision
Department: Banking Supervision

The purpose of this regulation is to determine the requirements for payment service providers, for the purpose of implementing security measures for:

  1. the application of the procedure of strong customer authentication, in accordance with article 90 of Law “On payment services”;
  2. the exemption from the application of the security requirements of strong customer authentication, based on the level of risk, the amount and the recurrence of the payment transaction and of the payment channel used for its execution;
  3. the protection of the confidentiality and the integrity of the payment service user's personalised security credentials;
  4. the establishment of common, open and secure standards for the communication between different payment service providers, payers and payees, in relation to the provision and use of payment services in application of Title IV of Law “On payment services”.